About 3 Aunties Thai Market

Hundreds of Thai restaurants in the city, thousands of Thai chefs & staffs, where do they shop for their food?

3 Aunties Thai Market is a Thai grocery store, located in the middle of Thai Town NYC, Woodside-Jackson Heights area. We specialize in Thai products, ingredients and quick, affordable grab-n-go meals for the Thai community.  

Founded by 3 retirees, Auntie Yod, Sri, and Kate were just hoping to have a hang out spot so their friends could stop by on their lazy days.  As an offshoot, they started carrying Thai products to be sold - at an affordable price - to their friends. 

Words spread as they often do among the aunties, things got out of hands. Other aunties from other cities start visiting our store. We now have 2 stores in Woodside area and an online store that delivers across the U.S.